Your Custom Cobbler

Mark J. Nelson, B.S., D.P.M.

Custom Medical and Fashion Footwear, Shoe Repair & Modifications

                   I love the joke about the doctor working his way up to being a shoemaker, because that’s what I did. It took me 4 years 
                                      to earn a Podiatry degree. It took 15 more to master the art of Shoemaking. I am a Custom Shoemaker and I’m proud to 
                                      be part of a unique tradition that combines craftsmanship, orthopedics, and art. I love what I do, and for 21 years I’ve been 
                                      helping people with their footwear needs.
                   I’ve earned the trust of three generations. The attorney whose dress pumps I resole will ask me to fabricate a shoe lift for her 
                                      mother who’s had a hip replacement, and on Saturday I’ll put taps on her daughter’s dance shoes. 

I enjoy the pace of my shop, which is the oldest continuous shoe repair in the region. Stop in, and you’ll find my clients in the gold Queen Anne chairs up in front drinking coffee, and educating me on politics and life as I work on their shoes.
                                      Forest Gump said it perfectly. "You can tell a lot about people by looking at their shoes". Comfort, confidence, making a statement, 
                                      completing a marathon. In shoemaking every detail is noticed, and clients are immediately pleased or unhappy. 
                                      A career without spin.
                                 This business rests on the foundation of love, support and encouragement that I’ve received from family and friends. I married my 
                                     college sweetheart and 25 years later we’re proud of our 3 children, who helped in the shop after school, and are now exploring 
                                     careers of their own. 


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