Your Custom Cobbler

Mark J. Nelson, B.S., D.P.M.

Custom Medical and Fashion Footwear, Shoe Repair & Modifications



                      REPAIRS BY MAIL


  1. Print out a separate Repair Order Form for each pair of shoes you are mailing
  1. Choose a REPAIR PACKAGE that matches your needs. You can also call me at (845)471-4158, or Email me at
    if you have any questions, or what you need is not on my list. Emails are returned the following day.
  1. Enclosea check made to Mark Nelson, or sign the credit card authorization. The repair charge includes shipping your completed shoes back to you.
  1. Place your shoes and paperwork in a waterproof plastic bag, and then into a cardboard box. Pack with crumpled newspaper, and use postal approved
    sealing tape.
  1. Mail or UPS to me at:
                                                           Mark Nelson, Custom Cobbler
                                                           17 South Hamilton Street
                                                           Poughkeepsie, New York12601
             I find that regular mail and UPS work equally well. I don’t think Express mail is worth the expense.
  1. If your shoes require repairs beyond what you’ve ordered I will call you, and ask for your permission as well as your approval of any additional expenses 
    before beginning work. 
  1. Most repairs are completed and shipped within 7 days of arrival.
        8.   My IN SHOP and BY MAIL quality standards are identical. If a repair fails before normal wear and tear should cause it to send it back to me. I’ll correct the 
              problem at no charge and pay for the shipping back to you.
              Some services are not appropriate for the mail. These include certain OrthopedicModifications , Casting and Fabrication of Custom Medical Orthotic Devices, and Custom Shoes, where careful
              measurements and test fittings are required. In these cases I prefer to work through your health care provider who will perform the casting and measurements. 
              This can actually work quite well, so please call or email me if you have any questions.  

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